Top 5 Most Important Digital Marketing Metrics for CEOs

Important Digital Marketing Metrics for CEOs

Before the coming of big data, marketing functions were mainly centered on building brand recognition through mass-market promotional purposes. Usually, these campaigns would be directed by gut instinct rather than any sort of quantitative analysis. As a result, it was often impossible to derive any insight into the sales growth they brought to the business. Naturally, the lack of clear value offered by these campaigns would often leave CEOs wary about investing in any further marketing.

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)


As the name proposes, this metric means the normal cost of getting another client. It is computed by separating the aggregate promoting and publicizing costs (counting compensation) brought about finished a particular day and age, by the number of clients gained over a similar period. The capacity to specifically relate the number of clients procured to a particular advertising speculation has just turned out to be conceivable as of late with the entry of client following devices that can take after a prospect from prompt income.


For CEOs, this metric gives the best estimation of venture against return, exhibiting the real income made by the organization’s showcasing endeavors. On the off chance that the measure of significant worth produced by advancements and promoting isn’t in accordance with uses, at that point the crusade should be either improved to make more prominent deals or rejected inside and out.

Change Rate


For advanced battles, a change rate estimation in view of the number of offers made through referral connections will give you straightforwardly inferable data about the progressing achievement of the crusade. To monitor this figure, just separation the number of site guests picked up from the promoting exertion, by the quantity of offers transformations made through the CTAs on your presentation page.

Online life Engagement



Except if you run a monstrous multinational partnership, and utilize each investigation apparatus known to man, it can be greatly hard to track changes straightforwardly to online life showcasing endeavors. As indicated by new research from eMarketer, under 20% of B2B advertisers can gauge the ROI of their internet based life battles. Basically, the investigation information gave by these stages is deficient to cultivate any genuine comprehension of the income produced by online life promoting.


However, any association would be absurd to disregard the significance of internet-based life in cooperating and speaking with set up and planned clients. So how might you determine any bits of knowledge into the estimation of your web-based social networking nearness? Through the main clear metric, you do have access, that is social commitment.


By monitoring the preferences, shares, retweets, and memberships produced by your substance, you can measure how effective your online commitment systems have been in changing clients into all-out brand advocates.

Site Traffic


All alone, site movement figures uncover minimal about the accomplishment of your promoting endeavors, all things considered, without setting, a tick won’t disclose to you anything about the buying aim of the client. Be that as it may, in case you’re ready to track your guests in light of activity sources, at that point you will have the capacity to build up a much clearer picture of which speculations are yielding the best return.


By recognizing whether prospects went to your site by means of a natural internet searcher result, a paid promotion, a web-based life interface, an email referral or a Youtube video you can work to upgrade your clearest way to making changes

Client Lifetime Value (LTV)


As indicated by a look into gathering Gartner, a simple 20% of rehash clients represent more than 80% of business benefits, which just demonstrates how critical long haul client connections can be for any association. In the present hypercompetitive business commercial center, associations are compelled to commit an ever-increasing number of assets towards client administration and maintenance programs. The viability of these ventures obviously appears through the lifetime esteem metric.


The most effortless approach to figure the LTV is by taking an example of clients and recording their normal spending over a set timeframe, short the gross edge. Partition this figure by your standard for dependability over the period (subtract the number of clients toward the finish of the period, from the number of clients obtained amid the period, and separation by clients toward the beginning of the period). Gap the subsequent LTV figure with your CAC, and you can look at the esteem made by the clients over the period, versus the cost, brought about to secure them.


Digital Marketer’s 21 Best Digital Marketing Articles of 2017

Before you can begin pitching to your group of onlookers, you have to know who your optimal client is, the place they are, and what they will purchase. Download our demonstrated Customer Avatar Worksheet now and get clear on who you’re pitching to.

Another year has traveled every which way and the general population has talked…

In this post, we’ve pulled together the 21 most prevalent articles on the DigitalMarketer blog in 2018.

Yes… this is the stuff you can’t pass up a major opportunity for.

Coming in #1 (by a long shot) is…


1. [PDF Download] Digital Marketer’s 101 Best Email Subject Lines of 2018 (…And a 5-Year Email Subject Line Reflection)

In 2017, we sent 181,177,569 messages, a 68% hop in messages contrasted with 2016.

Each high performing email title we sent had no less than one of eight qualities. You’ll realize what those triumphant qualities are in the post.

What’s more, for the fifth year consecutively, we discharged our free PDF (no pick in required) swipe record with all the best headlines.

It improves.

What you’ll really discover in this article are 505 executioner headlines to download in light of the fact that we just discharged our treats for 2017 and gathered together the past downloads for 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 across the board put.

Ensure you get all The downloads before you send your next email!


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2. Customer Value Optimization: How to Build an Unstoppable Business [2nd Edition]


On January twentieth, 2014, Ryan Deiss distributed (in incredible detail) the framework he used to construct ALL of his organizations. Since distributing the framework (called Customer Value Optimization or CVO) that post has been…

. Read by 375,191 individuals

. Shared just about 37,000 times (36,800 to be correct) in different informal communities and…

. Has gotten 535 remarks

On August twentieth, 2015, Ryan discharged the second release of this article with extended data on…

Item/Market Fit (« Understand why individuals purchase… and why they don’t.)

Procuring leads and clients with Lead Magnets and Tripwire offers.

Augmenting prompt benefit so you can pay more than your opposition to procure clients, scale your battles or simply take more money.

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3. 9 Lead Magnet Ideas and Examples (And ONE That Generated 35,859 Subscribers in 60 Days for Digital Marketer…)


We get a kick out of the chance to think we know some things about creating drives, which is the reason we were excited to reveal the second version of one of our most famous post in June 2016!

In addition, you’ll get the 8-Point Lead Magnet Success Checklist to print out and put your Lead Magnet through the paces with before propelling to your gathering of people.

We’ll demonstrate to you what makes an awesome Lead Magnet, and what such huge numbers of have fouled up previously.

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4. Facebook Messenger Ads: How to Use Them in Your Business


This year welcomed a new Facebook ad type to the block and your business should be utilizing it: Facebook messenger ads.

Digital Marketer has spent ample time and money testing this new type of ad. And now we’re ready to share everything we’ve learned and everything you need to know to deploy them in your business.

Get the scoop on…

  • Facebook messenger as a destination

    (we’re calling them destination ads)…

  • Facebook messenger as a placement

    (sponsored messages)…

  • How to build your own subscriber list

  • How we’re using these new ads to sell tickets

    to our 4,000+ attendee event…

…plus, the chat tool Digital Marketer is using to broadcast messages to our list—without it becoming a spam-fest.

5. 7 Lessons Learned from 440 Facebook Ad Campaigns in One Year


We’ve run thousands of ads to figure out what works, what doesn’t, and what’s worth continuing to test.

You can swipe our seven best from 2016 on the DigitalMarketer blog—along with our seven best from 2017 that’ll be coming soon!

Each of these seven ads either generated…

  • Sales (One whopper was 3,858% ROI positive)
  • Leads (72,033 leads from the first campaign we’ll show you)
  • Retargeting audiences (Almost as good as an email list, we like building retargeting lists)

We’ll be the first to admit it — some of our ad campaigns flopped this year.  

These didn’t.   

Check out our seven best ads for 2015, along with our seven best of 2014, and 2016.

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The customer avatar is the Swiss Army Knife of marketing…

… and we’ve got a writeable PDF version of our Customer AvatarWorksheet (no opt-in required) waiting for you in this article.

The customer avatar informs you…

  • Content Marketing — What blog posts, videos, podcasts, Lead Magnets, etc. should you create to attract and convert your avatar?
  • Paid Traffic — Which ad platforms should you buy traffic from and what targeting options should you use?
  • Product Creation – What solutions is your avatar searching for?
  • Copywriting — How should you describe offers in your email marketing, ads and sales letters in a way that compels your avatar to buy?
  • Email Marketing — Which avatar should receive a specific email marketing campaign?

Honestly… there is no higher leverage activity than getting clear on WHO you are selling to.

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7. 6 Trending Digital Marketing Skills to Put on a Resume


Skills like…

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Media Buying/Traffic Acquisition

…are in demand.

Employers are looking for people that get this digital marketing “stuff.”

(RELATED: The Beginner’s Guide to Digital Marketing)

In this post, visited by 57,566 people, we’ll give you

  • Job Description
  • Potential salary
  • Job titles

…and personality attributes you need to acquire the six hottest skills in the industry.

If you want to future-proof your career — you’ll want to read this guide to the six indispensable digital marketing skills.

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8. The Ultimate Guide To Ecommerce Email Marketing (Online Retailers, This One’s For You…)


Are you an online retailer?  

If so, this massive 4-Part e-commerce email marketing guide is for you.

In this roadmap, you’ll learn to create…

  • The characteristics of the perfect eCommerce email (Look out for the section on the “Pre-Header” — we’ve made big gains in Open Rate from employing this)
  • Where you should spend the VAST majority of your time testing your email marketing
  • The right software to use to send emails and build exit-intent pop-ups on your site

We’ve also got loads of examples from online retailers doing email marketing right — and examples of those doing it wrong. Such as…

  1. Indoctrination emails— Did you know that welcome emails get 4X the opens and 5X the clicks of a typical promotional email? You need a solid welcome email!
  2. Lead Nurture emails— Learn how eCommerce pros use content to keep the list “warm.”
  3. Promotional emails— You’ve indoctrinated and nurtured them, it’s time to ask for the order.

This post is filled with examples and analysis you can swipe and put to work in your e-commerce email.

You’ll see killer emails from…

  • Bonobos
  • Harry’s
  • Michaels

…just to name a few.

You’ll also learn how to structure…

  • Transactional Email/Receipts — Transactional emails have extremely high open rates. Are you giving your customers an opportunity to buy more in your transactional email? Look for examples you can swipe from Athleta, Dollar Shave Club, and Etsy.
  • Cart Abandonment Email — 67% of online shopping carts are abandoned leaving as much as 4 trillion (<< that’s not a typo) dollars on the table. You’ll find a 3-Part email series you can employ and examples from Fab, FifthThree, and Doggyloot).

Plus, you’ll find more than a dozen manual and “triggered” campaigns you can set up to increase engagement and sales.

If you’re selling physical products online (or you’re thinking about it), you need this guide.

To round it out, you’ll get case studies from three of the best in physical product email…

  • — This cart abandonment strategy gets more than double the typical improvement of cart abandonment email campaigns.
  • Bonobos — Learn to send fewer emails (stop carpet bombing your list!) and generate more sales.
  • — See how this digital retailing giant generates billions in sales by focusing on personalization.

This is the granddaddy (or grandmommy?) of all email marketing articles for online retailers.

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9. [Download] The Complete Guide to Facebook Advertising Targeting Options [2nd Edition]


In mid-2014, we released one of our most popular Facebook advertising articles called…

“The Complete Guide to Facebook Ad Targeting.”

This resource was used by more than 25,000 people to find their ideal customer on Facebook and put an offer in front of them using Facebook ads.

In March 2016, we released the 2nd Edition of this resource.

Here’s what’s new:

  • The downloadable Facebook Ad Checklist you’ll use to organize your ad targeting research
  • The “But No One Else Would” trick that allows you to drill down into your market and reach people who will actually buy (and cut the rest)
  • A walkthrough of the exact process our traffic manager uses to conduct targeting research (« This can be applied to any market)
  • 4 new resources for market targeting research (3 of these 4 resources cost nothing)

RELATED TRAINING: Paid Traffic Mastery: Get Our PROVEN Plan For Guaranteed Traffic and a System for Acquiring New Customers. Plus Get Certified As a Customer Acquisition Specialist.

10. The Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas [2nd Edition]


In May of 2014, we released our list of 212 blog post ideas.

Since that date, this resource has helped 94,525 bloggers defeat the dreaded “blank screen.”

Almost a year later, we updated and released the 2nd edition of our Ultimate List of Blog Post Ideas to include…

  • 232 blog post ideas  (you’ll love the Content Aggregator and Embed Reactor posts)
  • 5 short instructional videos (showing you how to create some of our best blog post types)
  • Updated screenshots and links to example articles (so you’ll know exactly how to put them together yourself)

… PLUS, we added a handy lightning bolt icon that denotes posts that can be put together extremely quickly!

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11. How To Build A Marketing Dream Team For Your Brand (Even If You Aren’t A Marketer)


Did you know, according to Yahoo! Finance, the earning potential of a professional digital marketer is $209,755?

Heck… the average entry-level salary for a digital marketer with experience is north of 70K per year.

Now we’re showing you the 4-step process we use to bring in new marketing talent… (HINT: We aren’t looking for experienced marketers)

…that immediately contribute to the marketing of the business… (You’ll see our onboarding process)

…at a reasonable salary.

Whether you’re thinking of hiring your 1st marketing team member or your 101st, you need to read this guide.

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12. How To Architect The Perfect Conversion Funnel For Your Business


Trying to figure out which conversion funnel to build?

DigitalMarketer’s President Richard Lindner was back in July 2015 with the ultimate GIFT for you.

It’s a shortcut.

Simply answer the 3 questions Richard poses in this article and you’ll know how to move forward acquiring leads and converting them into customers.

Seriously… you’ll wish you had this shortcut 10 years ago.

Read this article at least twice and pay very close attention to the section titled “3 Types of Conversion Funnels” — this information could change your life.

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13. How to Use Facebook Advertising Pixels to Create High Converting Ad Campaigns


Today, digital advertising is all about RETARGETING. It drives click costs down and conversions up. It doesn’t get better than that.

And retargeting is all about PIXELS — little pieces of code you drop on your web pages that “tag” your visitors and allow you to retarget.

But that’s not all a pixel can do.

Right now on the blog, Molly Pittman is sharing EXACTLY how to use pixels to optimize your Facebook advertising.

Trust me… you need to understand how these pixels work — it’s imperative to your traffic success.

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14. The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Video Ads


In June 2015, we published the first edition of The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Video Ads, and it’s been a hit ever since…

In June 2016 we rolled out a brand new second edition from Keith Krance of Dominate Web Media and co-host on the Perpetual Traffic podcast.

Here’s what’s new:

  • The 3 Stages of a Facebook Video Ad ( « What you do in the first 10 seconds are critical. Keith gives three examples of how to get people to take action.)
  • 5 steps Keith’s team uses every time they launch a new Facebook video ad — leading to Video View custom audiences for 5¢ per person.
  • 7 examples of different Facebook video ad styles that crushed it, so you can, too.

If you’re thinking of dabbling in Facebook video ads, this 2nd edition is a must read.

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15. The Only 4 Email Marketing Metrics That Matter


The Data & Marketing Association said that in 2015

That’s a 3,800% ROI!

If you want to achieve this result (and who wouldn’t?), you need to figure out if your emails and campaigns are ACTUALLY driving business-building results.

To do that, you need to pay attention to four email marketing metrics. Yes, just four.

These email marketing metrics are UNIVERSAL and will help you measure the success of your emails so you can create effective email marketing campaigns no matter…

  • …your email list size (whether it’s a fledgling or a full-grown eagle)
  • …your type of business (from e-commerce to brick-and-mortar)
  • …the email platform you use (from MailChimp to Maropost)

This post will share…

  • …the only four email marketing metrics you need to track (« but you must track them for every email you send)
  • …how to use the metrics to track the two categories of emails (« they couldn’t be more different)
  • …and – most importantly – how to figure out if your email performance is good or bad (« so you can actually improve your email marketing!)

16. The Ad Grid: How to Build Traffic Campaigns that Convert Higher and Scale Faster


The process laid out in this blog post from Molly Pittman is three years in the making.

The Ad Grid is DigitalMarketer’s process for organizing and systemizing our paid traffic strategy. It takes the guesswork out of creating an ad campaign.

It’s a 7-Step process that dramatically increases the odds of creating a paid traffic campaign that is an absolute home run.

You’ll see an entire ad campaign built from scratch using the Ad Grid so you’ll understand exactly how to put this system to work in your traffic campaigns.

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17. [DOWNLOAD] The 15-Point Landing Page Audit


If you or your organization are sending traffic to landing pages, you need to download this landing Page Audit (no opt-in required)

It’s a tool you’ll use to grade landing pages (yours or a competitor’s) and determine the elements that are hitting the mark or failing at every turn.

You’ll rank a landing page on 15 “grading elements” and score each factor on a scale of 1 to 4. In the end, you’ll have a final score and a list of action items that can improve the post.

Here’s how to put this audit tool to work:

  • Email Marketers – You should definitely direct your traffic to a solid landing page, and the better the landing page, the better your email campaign.
  • All PPC Marketers – We all know how important a well-crafted landing page is for our PPC campaigns. Use this audit to squeeze even more revenue!
  • Business Owners and Managers – Landing pages are easier to create than ever and it’s likely yours could use a tweak. See how your campaigns stack up or evaluate how your team creates their landing pages!
  • Agency Owners and Freelancers – Audit the landing pages of your clients so you can help them improve their campaign conversion rates.

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18. E-commerce + Paid Traffic: How Ezra Firestone Turned $434,256.72 into $1,422,500.15 in 30 Days Using Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google and Shopify


In case you missed it, these are the numbers in this case study on the DigitalMarketer blog…

  • Total Ad Spend: $434,256.72
  • Total Revenue Generated: $1,422,500.15
  • Total Initial Profit Before Ad Spend: $810,825.08
  • Total Initial Profit After Ad Spend: $376,568.36

Ezra Firestone will teach you…

  • The three issues you must overcome to generate consistent visibility for your E-Commerce business (and how to overcome them).
  • “The Big Four” traffic sources you e-commerce business should be leveraging.
  • The one sales funnel that has worked for every eCommerce business and every market Ezra has ever tried.

This funnel (Ezra calls it the Dipsy Doodle and The Don Dalibor) looks like this…

You’ll see every page of this funnel along with the follow-up emails that accompany this 7 figure funnel.

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19. How to Build and Manage a Private Facebook Group


A couple years ago, DigitalMarketer made the decision to abandon our ghost town private forum on our website in favor of a private Facebook Group—it wasn’t very strategic and we had no idea what to expect

The results were nothing short of incredible.

Today, we have 7 private Facebook groups and every one of them…

  • Increases customer satisfaction
  • Reduces refunds on one-time purchases
  • Increases retention of our subscription offers

…and increases sales through word-of-mouth.

Today on the DigitalMarketer blog, you’ll get access to the 6-component process we use to build and manage these private Facebook groups—straight from our Community Manager’s mouth.

20. The Ultimate Guide to Google Tag Manager


Ir you’re new to Google Tag Manager, or a salty veteran, you need this 3-Part ultimate guide from DigitalMarketer’s resident Sensei Chris Mercer of Seriously Simple Marketing.

In Part 1, Mercer will teach you:

  • The “What” of Google Tag Manager (Think of GoogleTag Manager as a tracking dashboard made for marketers)
  • The “Why” of Google Tag Manager (Google TagManager gives you, as a marketer, a whole new level of tracking ability.)
  • The “How” of Google Tag Manager (We covered Tags, Triggers, and Variables)

In Part 2, we’ll dive a little deeper with…

  • Advanced use cases of variables.
  • How to use GTM and the “data layer” to report eCommerce transactions (sales) in Google Analytics.

And, finally, Part 3 will take you cliff diving through GoogleTag Manager:

  • How to set up and use customer dimensions.
  • How to track users across devices.

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21. [Parts 1 & 2] The Display Grid: How to Scale Your AdWords Display Campaigns Profitably with Laser-Focused Targeting and the Right Choice of Ad Type


The number of websites you can advertise on in the Google Display Network is in the millions and the number of individual pages you can reach is in the billions.

Your ability to scale on the GDN is virtually limitless.

So… why isn’t everyone using the Google Display Network?

The truth is that it’s pretty dang easy to screw up a GDN campaign — blowing through your budget and showing ads to the wrong people. Most people throw up their hands declaring that the GDN is useless.

But that’s a big mistake.

Today, Mike Rhodes (founder of web savvy and one of the best Google advertisers on Earth) is sharing his Google Doc cheat sheet called The Display Grid.

In Mike’s spreadsheet you’ll find 147 different ways to narrow down your GDN campaigns—PLUS, all 11 different ad formats you can use—to help you scale your business bigger, faster, and more profitably.

Most advertisers, not realizing just how many options are available to them, end up using the two most basic options: managed placements with image banner ads.

As a result, they end up filling only ONE of these 147 squares (and missing out on the other 146):